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One Page Website Technology

Like other forms of technology, website designing is also developing days by day. That was time when people were design website on simple HTML. Then came dynamic website concept. So this journey is still not end.

CMSs were a big achievement for website developers. Free and open source concept made website...Read More »

Easy and safe solution for website development

In the modern world website is a necessary need of every business. When people listen the word “Development”, immediately in their minds come codes like this “HTML, PHP, src, css”. And they think this is very difficult thing and they don’t try website development for ever.

But in real website development...Read More »

Will Android Destroy Windows and websites?

Assumptions become true many time. And usually people laugh when they hear new assumption. But it is often seen that such assumption was considered fun that was a reality. Similarly, this article is also includes some assumptions. If these assumptions true, then will be the end of Windows and Web...Read More »

Social Network VS Social life

In old days people were sit together, meet each other many times in a day, ask their issues, nursing the patients, attend condolences and attend mirages. But nowadays life has changed.
People have more then thousand facebook friends, hundreds of twitter followers, so many other friends on social networks. But...Read More »