Will Android Destroy Windows and websites?

Assumptions become true many time. And usually people laugh when they hear new assumption. But it is often seen that such assumption was considered fun that was a reality. Similarly, this article is also includes some assumptions. If these assumptions true, then will be the end of Windows and Web sites.
Windows Can End If….
Android devices became able to connect with any big LCD and people can operate Android on big LCD.
During operating on big LCD keyboard and mouse could be connected with android.
All hardwares which are readable on windows (Printer, Scanner, Barcode reader etc.) became also readable on Android.
The processor and ram of mobile must be equal to latest PCs.
Then will be completely end of Windows. Because everyone will have his PC (Mobile) in his pocket. In Office they will connect their PC (Mobile) with Office LCD and home at Home’s PC.
And when android will be so popular, every company will make his mobile app instead of website. And this will be end of websites…

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