Digital Marketing

Digital marketing , best and most powerful marketing tool of this era, is necessary marketing technique for each business now. You can’t ignore this most influential hub, where billions users daily hit and spend their time.

Which tools are included in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is wide marketing tool. It consists of following major marketing techniques:

Website Design

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All of these have their own importance. For importance of a website for business, read our article “Website Development”.

To know the importance of SEO, read our article “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)“.

Why Social Media Marketing (S.M.M) important for a business?

It is not an optional marketing way, but it is compulsory now to showcase and advertise your business, services, products on social media. The one who is not on social media, he is loosing hundreds or thousands (In some cases) clients monthly. Billions social media users daily spend almost 2 to 15 hours on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and other platforms. So there is no better marketing platform available on earth then “Social Media“.

Which platform is best for S.M.M?

It depends on country. In Pakistan, Facebook is best platform to advertise your products, services. But in gulf countries, I will recommend Instagram. While in Europe, USA, UK Facebook, YouTube are preferable.

How to advertise and how much it costs?

Our specialized and expert S.M.M team will consult you the strategy for marketing. The marketing strategy for different business and their regions could be different. So 1st our team will analyze your business then will suggest best marketing techniques for you.

The cost of this marketing also could not be specify for all. Facebook charges different amount for different countries. Same other platforms have different policies for all countries. So cost also could be finalize after analyzing business nature, region and budget.