School Management System


Designed very user friendly so that any person can easily use the software to fulfill the tasks.


You dont need to wait for a particular task to be completed, the school software is very fast and performs tasks within a seconds.


Multiple users can work in a single environment, The software fully support multi users and their rights.

Designed on a very modern technologies providing you with a very fast user experience while working

Send student attendance, announcements, fee reminders, result cards, promotional messages and many other messages with just a few clicks.

Comes with the most easy and user friendly library management system. With its sleek and simplistic design, you can easily manage the library department of your organization, You can issue books to students and staff with few clicks.

Now You can generate time tables for each teacher or class by single click, schoex allows the user to make time tables as required for the school.

Provides School Examination Software that offers you an automated method for developing exams and evaluating your students’ exam results.

Also provide simple interface to manage your hostels, you can keep track of hostel rooms, and assign a room to different students or staff person. The system also provides reports for hostel management.

Keep track of all school buses, define your own routes and assign students to buses. By using our school management software you don’t need to worry about manual work for transportation of your institute.

Software is one of the best school management system in market to implement the paperless bookkeeping for fees collection. You can define fee with any head, and receive any type of fee.

You can print i-cards for students and staff by few clicks, because out school software uses the information of students and staff to print the i-card in different formats of your choice.

Manual attendance can be very time consuming and tedious. However, when you choose school attendance software like this, you can achieve the same thing in just a fraction of the time.


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