WordPress VS Joomla CMS

Comparison between two technologies is not an easy job. You must have study and practically use of both technologies. So in this case I have more than 10 years experience in above titled technologies, WordPress and Joomla CMS.
Before talking about there features, I will write a short introduction of both.


WordPress and Joomla CMS are two famous content management systems for development of website. Both are free and open source. Both are designed on php & mysql. If you want to design a website without learning complex coding, so you should choose one of those. These CMSs provide a control panel to design the website.

My Story about Joomla and WordPress:

1st time in 2008 I listened about CMS. When I searched about it, best and popular CMS at that time was Joomla CMS. So I downloaded and started working on it. There were templates, components, modules and plugins to design a joomla website. I enjoyed it and after 3 months I was expert of joomla CMS and I started designing websites on joomla CMS. But when joomla 3 released, all my websites on joomla 2.5 were on risk. Because upgrading from joomla 2.5 to joomla 3 was not an easy job. Some components and hard work was required for it. At that time I thought that on next release again I could face this difficult. So I started searching better solution then joomla CMS. I surprised when I checked the rating of WordPress. In 2008 WordPress was only a blog creating CMS. But in a short time it became complete and best free and open source website development solution. So I decided to learn it.

In start I felt that WordPress is difficult than joomla CMS. I Designed some websites on wordpress and left it again. But in 2015, When I was working as website Developer in Musqat, Oman, My company bought a WordPress Theme and gave me task to install and design it for there client. So there was no option for me. After study of two weeks I Installed, Designed, Edited and launched my 1st wordpress website successfully.

I was wrong. WordPress is easy, secure, professional and awesome then joomla CMS. I have developed more then 50 websites on wordpress now. Now I can compare between these two CMSs.


Features WordPress Joomla CMS
Usage in all World Websites 30% 3.1%
SEO from Yast SEO Yes No
Security from Default Options No Yes
Easy to Customize Yes No
Free Themes More Then Joomla Less Then WordPress
Free Plugins More Then Joomla Less Then WordPress
Theme Editing Easy Difficult
Extension Launching Simple and easy Need Components, Plugins, Modules (Difficult)


In short WordPress is more popular, easy to customize, many free themes and plugins then joomla CMS. In my opinion everyone should learn WordPress if he want be a professional Website Developer. WordPress meets with all website Development needs and very simple.