E-Commerce Solution

Online business is one of the popular businesses in the world nowadays. People are selling and purchasing toys, mobiles, electronic items, clothes, jeweler, food and many other products online. So Online shopping cart or online store trend is growing industry in the world. Companies pay thousand dollars for designing online store website. I am sharing some easy solutions for developing an online shopping website.
1st of all you choose the platform for developing website. I prefer you to choose one of these two. Joomla CMS or WordPress.
Joomla and WordPress are most popular and easy CMSs for developing a professional website. There are thousands of themes and templates available on internet. So if you choose WordPress then only and best solution is Woocommerce.
Woocommerce is a free WordPress plugin for developing online shopping website. You can learn about it easily by youtube.
Please have a look on some of woocommerce websites here.
If you choose joomla CMS for developing website, then I’ll advise you J2store extension. But it is not complete free. Some features are free but for inventory you need to buy Pro version. If you want complete free extension then you can download virtuemart.
If we compare between virtuemart and J2store, I think J2store is easy then virtuemart. But virtuemart is completely free. So 1st check both extensions on local host. Then select one of them.