Social Network VS Social life

In old days people were sit together, meet each other many times in a day, ask their issues, nursing the patients, attend condolences and attend mirages. But nowadays life has changed.
People have more then thousand facebook friends, hundreds of twitter followers, so many other friends on social networks. But they don’t know the name of their neighbor, they have no time for attending condolences in their neighborhood, no time for nursing patients even no time for sitting with mother, father and other family members.
What do you think, is social media connecting people or disconnecting?
The people you chat with them on social networks, are not your real physical friends. They are virtual friends. Because social network is not a real network, but a virtual network.
So please don’t spend all time on social networks. Give some time to your family members, relatives, neighbors, and other real physical friends.
Are you agree with me ? If Yes or No please comment..